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Take control of your financial future.

Passive income generation for discerning real estate investors

How It Works

We find cash flowing, appreciating properties

Mattanza Capital secures commercial multifamily properties that are currently profitable, with room for value-added appreciation.

You review every investment opportunity

These properties are brought in front of investors for review. We target market-beating returns while mitigating risk.

We invest together

Investors participate in acquisitions at their discretion. Mattanza Capital and partners also invest in all deals so that interests are aligned.

You collect monthly distributions and build equity

Investors receive a monthly report, financial statements, and their share of cash flows, as well as a large capital distribution at refinance and sale events (typically in 3-5 years).


Download Our Guide

Our Syndication Investor Guide contains a wealth of in-depth information on how multifamily syndications work and why apartment buildings are a great part of any well-diversified portfolio. You will learn about the risks and rewards of passively investing in real estate, as well as the tax benefits. The roles of general and limited partners are explained, and a sample deal structure and return schedule is provided, as well as a glossary of syndication and real estate investing terms.

Four-Factor Returns

Cash Flow

Monthly rental income generates revenue. After operating expenses are paid, loan payments are made, and reserves are set aside, the remaining net income is distributed to investors.

Loan Pay-Down

As revenue is earned, mortgages are paid monthly. As the principal amount of the loan decreases, investor equity (ownership) in the property increases.


Commercial real estate generally appreciates in value due to a growing population, scarcity, and increasing demand. Appreciation can also be sped up greatly by increasing the profitability of a property. Like loan pay-down, appreciation increases investor equity.

Tax Benefits

From a tax perspective, residential property "depreciates" over 27.5 years. This depreciation is generally tax-deductible and can offset some or even all the taxes on returns until a property is sold.


What We Do

Mattanza Capital carefully selects profitable multifamily properties within markets poised for growth. We then negotiate aggressively on price and secure these properties with a contract. We conduct due diligence and underwrite properties conservatively in order to ensure that the properties meet all the requirements for a great investment. Then our team of property managers, lawyers, accountants and general contractors prepare the property and documentation for acquisition.

What You Do

There is no cost or obligation to join our investor list. As a member, you will be presented with investment opportunities as they arise, and you can participate in an acquisition at your discretion. Investments can be funded via wire, trust, self-directed retirement account, or other means. Once the acquisition is complete, Mattanza Capital and partners manage and improve the property with an eye toward improving profitability, targeting a sale within 5 years.

You will receive monthly reports on progress and financial statements, as well as a distribution of monthly profits. At refinance and sale you will receive your share of the equity in the property.


How We Win,


Multifamily real estate syndications are a classic win-win option for investors and the most common method to purchase apartment buildings. Multi-unit apartments typically have much higher rental income yields than single-family residences. 


Through a syndication, managing partners can find and acquire properties that would otherwise be out of reach due to capital constraints. Passive investors can participate in much larger real estate acquisitions, taking advantage of these higher yields without the headaches of self-management.

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